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Ciroc Summer Citrus flavoured vodka is the perfect golden hour drink to make a toast this summer season and all year long.  Summer citrus Ciroc with tang infusion to prepare cocktails and beverages for memorable summer days celebrations and occasions.


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Products overview on Ciroc summer citrus:

Add excitement to the hot summer days with Ciroc Summer Citrus, the limited edition vodka offered by Ciroc. These top-quality grape-based spirits offer a hint of citruses like orange and lemon and are considered ideal for creating superb cocktails. This full-bodied spirit made vodka refined from French grapes and aromatized with tangy orange and lime zest.

This spirit is recommended to serve in cocktails such as ‘Citrus Sunrise’ which includes vodka with orange juice, grape juice, and cranberry juice and is a perfect drink for summer celebrations with family and friends. Don’t wait, add to the cart now!

summer citrus ciroc Limited edition summer vodka 

Packed in a beautiful bottle you will have ever seen, summer citrus ciroc is a treat for tipple’s fans. Prepared with Cîroc’s five-time blended vodka and essence of the finest french grapes, this hot weather drink is the result of some fruity re-invention. Having a hint of freshly squeezed red oranges, this divine spirit gives a silky smooth finish to prepared cocktails. 

Considered best for a sophisticated tipple cocktail to celebrate elevated nights with friends.

The super refreshing flavor of ciroc citrus summer is a perfect ingredient for preparing classic drinks for those who are not much familiar with alcohol but love to have one or two drinks at parties or celebrations. When somebody prefers quality over quantity, there is no better alternative than a cocktail made using summer citrus ciroc to please them. 

ciroc summer citrus

One of summer citrus ciroc finest creations for tipple lovers:

Cîroc’s ultra-premium vodka distinguishes itself as a carbohydrate spirit made from exquisite French grapes rather than grain. Cîroc Summer Citrus has a unique flavor with an extraordinarily fresh, citrus taste, thanks to a method inspired by over a century of wine-making experience and expertise at the famous Maison Villevert Distillery in the South of France. Cîroc was intended from the start to be a spirit synonymous with elegance and refinement. The vodka of choice for individuals who want more from their beverages. Book your bottle now!

Create sunshine cocktails with summer citrus ciroc recipes

Here are 3 commonly served cocktails that make the most suitable use of the tangy taste aromatized into the Cîroc summer citrus vodka, and its velvety taste made it a delight to blend and serve. 

New ciroc summer citrus

This citrus-packed drink is the best and is frequently served in the summertime. Take 1.5 oz. Cîroc summer citrus and 4 oz. grapefruit juice in a highball or rocks glass and blend.  Garnish the beverage with a grapefruit slice and enjoy every sip of it! 

Sunrise Cocktail 

Blend 1.5 oz of Cîroc summer citrus and 3 oz of orange juice in an ice-filled highball or rocks glass to make a refreshing beverage. Finish with 1 oz of cranberry or pomegranate juice and an orange slice on top. Have a good time!

summer citrus ciroc near me

Take 2.5 oz. ciroc summer citrus drink, .5 oz. vermouth and 1 dish of bitters in an ice-filled highball and shake well and pour into a martini glass. Garnish with a twist of lemon zest and serve. The best way to buy Ciroc summer citrus online 

Summer time comes with numerous occasions that we wish to cherish with our family members, friends, and loved ones. Delectable food, music, and drinks add glee to the cheerful occasion that we would love to make memorable for long. No party is considered complete without alcohol and beverages. This is when you can count on to get the beverages of your favorite brands delivered to your home. 

We take pleasure in supplying an assorted range of drinks and beverages from diverse brands to consumers and licensed businesses across the USA. We are devoted to assisting the top beverage alcohol brands and delivering their products to New York, London SF, Cockfosters BP, Los Angeles, Chicago, Las Vegas, and other parts of the USA. Our assortment makes it simple to choose the ideal option for making special occasions memorable. Our product range includes brands like White Hennessy, 1942 Don Julio Anejo, Amrut, Ardbeg, Auchentoshan, Balcones, Breaker, Casamigos, and Cascade Moon, and much more. 

ciroc summer citrus


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  1. Sophia Wilson

    First time trying this and I loved it. Smooth, delicious and refreshing. I would definitely recommend and I will be buying again.

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